The Authors Show presents: “The Dawn of Dae” by, Trillian Anderson

November 16, 2016

The chance to attend college is just what Alexa Daegberht needs to break out of the mold of her caste. If she can become a Bach, she can escape the poverty she’s endured ever since her parents died when she was five. Only through education can she rise above her birth caste–and she knows it.
All of her plans fall to dust when she opens a portal within her refrigerator, turning her macaroni and cheese casserole into a sentient being. By dawn the next day, the mysterious dae have come to Earth to stay. Hundreds of thousands of people vanish into thin air, and as the days pass, the total of the missing number in the millions. Some say it’s the rapture of the Christian faith.  Alexa knows better: their dae ate them, leaving behind nothing more than dust as evidence of their hunger.  As one of the unawakened, she doesn’t have a dae, nor can she manifest any forms of magical powers. She’s lacking the innate knowledge of what the dae are and what they mean for the world. Now more than ever, she is an outsider. Her survival hinges on her ability to adapt to a world she no longer understands.


The Authors Show presents: “The Dry”, by author Rebecca Nolen

November 15, 2016

West Virginia, 1895  -  A deadly dry spell has left the earth parched and souls desperate. Crops are failing. Cities are starving. A missing newspaper man doesn't account for much in times so terrible, except to the twelve-year-old son he left behind. When Elliot Sweeney discovers the search for his father has been called off, he boards a train alone to find him.  His quest leads Elliot into the depths of an abandoned mine, with a peculiar pocket watch, a blind burro, and a gutsy girl at his side. He finds a world he never dreamed of, even in his worst nightmares, and lands smack in the middle of a war between two kingdoms. Monstrous insects, smiling villains, and dark riddles are everywhere.  Will loyalty, family, and love prevail over greed and exploitation? Deciding who to trust may prove to be Elliot's greatest challenge, while the fate of the world above hangs on his choice.


The Authors Show presents: And Some Will Triumph….

November 14, 2016

This is a story of a psychiatric nurse named Elizabeth who comes to California with her teenage daughter to work at the Raine Correctional Facility. She tells the stories of the mentally ill inmates in a moving tale of regret and hope, of tragedy and redemption, of lives lived differently from planned, and of lives never lived at all. This novel also encompasses the lives of the nurses who work with her. She is caught up in a world unlike any she has known, a dark place where she must at times fight the system to care for her patients. But outside that building, with its cells and bars, lies a sinister presence that may alter her life forever.


The Authors Show presents: “Mana Mutation Menace”, by author Brian Wilkerson

November 14, 2016

Eric Watley has recovered from mana mutation but a question remains: is he still Eric Watley? He may look human, but a monster's madness lurks behind his eyes. With the upcoming Mana Mutation Summit, the whole world is watching to see if he is the cure they have been waiting for, or one more beast to be slaughtered. The future of Tariatla rests on his shoulders. Can he convince its leaders of his humanity, while at the same time, dodge his growing list of enemies? The Trickster's Choice attracts much unwanted attention. Lunas of Latrot, the ordercraft prince, schemes to exploit the menace of Mana Mutation for his own purpose. Joining him are a legion of Eric's old foes, from Gruffle the troll and Nulso Xialin to the Gods of Death. All of them seek to do harm to Eric himself, his friends or his world. So much for being a humble mercenary.


The Authors Show presents: “Beacon” by author November Ellison

November 14, 2016

Pastor Joanna Benally leads a double life. On the outside, she’s dedicated to the work of turning around troubled churches. But inside, she is lonely and unfulfilled, keeping everyone at arm’s length to hide the shameful secrets of her past. 
When Jo is sent to Newark, Ohio, on church business, she is knocked off her feet by a handsome redheaded young man who claims he is Cain, history’s oldest murderer—and a vampire. He’s taken it upon himself to butcher sinners, sadistically using his telepathic abilities to enjoy his victims’ terror and pain. As Jo struggles with the ethical dilemma of how to respond to this murderer, Cain slowly dismantles her carefully constructed isolation. 
Then, when Jo kills two men in self-defense, an unexpected chain of events ushers her into a reality she never imagined possible. She learns she’s a “beacon,” a genetically marked vessel for the magnetic power that enables vampires to feed off of humans. As danger and betrayal emerge in unexpected places and the line between good and evil blurs, Jo must choose between the truth of radical love and the safety of false appearances.
Action-packed, romantic, and thought provoking.


The Authors Show presents: The Moreva of Astoreth, by author Roxanne Bland

November 12, 2016

In the world-building tradition of Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey and Ursula K. LeGuin, The Moreva of Astoreth is a blend of science fiction, romance, and adventure in a unique, richly imagined imperialistic society in which gods and science are indelibly intertwined. It is the story of the priestess, scientist, and healer Moreva Tehi, the spoiled, headstrong granddaughter of a powerful deity who is banished for a year to a volatile far corner of the planet for neglecting to perform her sacred duty, only to venture into dangerous realms of banned experimentation, spiritual rebirth, and fervent, forbidden love.


The Authors Show Presents: “Heaven Cries” by author Stephan A. Silva

November 8, 2016

When Artemio Battaglia joins the Regia Aeronautica to become a fighter pilot at the beginning of World War II, he's inspired by the romanticized patriotism of the Fascists. His idealism is shattered when he witnesses atrocities committed against indigenous populations in North Africa, and the officials he informs do nothing to stop the murderers. Their response is to transfer him to the most dangerous front in the war. A disillusioned Artemio returns to Piacenza to find his city occupied by ruthless German soldiers. He enlists in the war again, this time as a member of the Red Brigades. With a renewed sense of purpose, Artemio repeatedly places himself in peril, sabotaging German supply lines and giving aid to the Allies. But when his comrades capture a downed Italian pilot and schedule a hasty execution, Artemio recoils at the senseless violence. Once again, he is called to act in accordance with his conscience and embarks on a bold plan to set things right.


The Authors Show presents: America, Inc., by author Mikael Carlson

November 6, 2016

In the Ultimate Struggle Between Liberty and Tyranny, Which Side Will You Choose?

From award-winning author Mikael Carlson, the newly-released first novel in the Black Swan Saga of political dystopian thrillers.

In 2088, sixty years after a global economic collapse that brought the world to the edge of oblivion, a perfect society has arose, dominated by corporations all serving a powerful elite. Now an underground group of terrorists are aiming to destroy the system in this spellbinding political thriller.

AMERICA, INC. is the first novel in the Black Swan Saga. If you enjoy intelligent storytelling with believable characters you can identify with, then you'll love the frantic rush to save the world from another economic collapse in this book you won’t be able to put down.


The Authors Show presents: “Conclave” by author Tom Davis

November 3, 2016
Catholic theology and Cold War politics collide in this fictionalized retelling of an important religious event: the sudden passing of Pope John Paul I and the hastily arranged conclave to elect his successor.
When the pope dies of an apparent heart attack, the United States and Soviet Union go on high alert. The United States might be able to loosen communism’s stranglehold on Eastern Europe if a non-Italian successor is chosen to lead the Catholic Church. But the Soviets are determined to keep an Italian in the papacy. CIA and KGB agents infiltrate the Vatican as the two countries try to win this dangerous game.
Back stateside, army officer Carter Caldwell is sent to persuade American cardinals to wield their influence in the conclave. On his assignment, he meets beautiful CIA analyst Katherine O’Connor. Carter can’t get her out of his mind, although plenty of problems demand his attention.
Before the conclave is over, the Sistine Chapel will be bugged, a spy in the Vatican’s kitchen will be murdered, and CIA and KGB operatives will exchange gunfire. As the most important figure in the Catholic world is finally chosen, one question remains: Will he survive long enough to become pope?

The Authors Show presents: “Milijun” - author Clayton Graham

October 29, 2016

It is Australia in 2179. On a moonlit Nullarbor night, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, witness aliens descend to Earth. The extraterrestrials endeavour to form a symbiotic relationship with humankind, and Jason is chosen as a genetic link in a bizarre trial involving the impregnation of human females with hybrid embryos and exploration of spiritual compatibility. Laura crosses swords with Major General Sebastian Ord from the Australian Defence Force, Eucla and Uriel, the enigmatic head of Milijun, a reclusive research facility in the outback. Following a disastrous armed attempt to capture aliens at Cocklebiddy Cave and a fierce confrontation at Eucla, Jason is abducted by an alien swarm. 
What follows tests the resolve of Laura to the core. Caught in a relentless web of frightening new technologies and alien mystery, spurred by the undying love of her son, she gains a strength of character she never thought possible. All she has to do is save herself, Jason and several women and unborn children from the scheming plans of man and alien alike …  Some would call Laura a reluctant heroine, but she is a heroine, nonetheless.